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Apollo II IPL

basic information


Security: Effectively eliminate the wavelength that may cause damage;

Durability:The key part has high threshold;

Convenience of switch:Using color LED screen can easily switch to different treatment heads ;

High ratio of price:Several uses in one system, it brings abundant incomes to beauty parlors.


Apollo II IPL


Apollo II Photorejuvenation & Hair removal System is a new kind of product that Link the photon aesthetic technology.

It has patent technology to guarantee the high efficient output of photon energy and patent technology to control the output of different wavelength in different treatment fields. So the affectivity and the security is improved.

Skin Rejuvenation: improve skin’s quality and laxity;skin resurfacing.

Hair removal:permanently remove the unwanted hair in the body.

Vessel removal:Reduce the vessels.


Light Source: Xe Arc Lamp

Handpieces: SR,VR,HR

fluence: 10-50J/cm²

Pulse Duration: 5-30ms

Spot Size: 15x35mm²

Repeated Frequency: 0.5Hz

Operating Panel: 7.7"TFT Color LCD & touch screen

Counter: Dependant Counter For Each Handpiece

Cooling: IPL Gel

Dimension: 440x500x800mm³

Weight: 65Kg

Electrical Req: 100/200v AC.16A.50/60Hz