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Apollo III IPL

basic information

The system applies the intense pulse light of broad spectrum onto the skin and penetrates skin through epidermis into dermis and is a high-selective absorption. Wherein, the Pyrogenation Theory, IPL energy is converted into thermal energy, and then to break the defect by heating surface.

Under the light’s organism activation, the energy can stimulate the skin to regenerate new collagen to replace the damaged area, and then produce elastic fibers, consequently smooth skin. Thus reach the effects of diminish wrinkles and shrinking pores and skin tightening. Which can make you skin look better.


Skin rejuvenaton: color stain dilution,shrink skin pore,
skin tightening,and skin luster recovery,etc:

Hair removal: remove unwanted hair:

Vascular removal: telangiectasia,rubeosis,bottle nose:

Acne removal:cystic acne acne pustule,

Apollo III IPL


lighten pigmentation,reduce wrinkle, shrink pores, tighten skin,restore skin’s luster:

remove unwanted hair:

vascular lesion such as dilation of capillary vessels:

cystic acne,acne pustule.









Light Source:Pulsed-xenon Lamp

Energy Density:6-35J/cm²

Pulse Width:5-30ms

Spot Size:40x8mm2:40x10mm2:40x16mm²

Repetition Rate:0.5Hz

Display:Color LC touch screen Cooling:0-5 °C


Weight : 25Kg

Electrical Requirements: 110 / 220V AC,16A, 50 / 60Hz