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Diamond Skin Care

basic information

MD-9 Diamond Skin Care




Improve diversified skin disease caused by acne;
Improve diversified spot disease caused by aging and sun-damage;
Facial refirming and face lifting;
Skin care: whiten; shrink pores, wrinkle removal;
Improve scars, bottle nose, dark skin.




Totally with 10 different treatment tips, you can make an treatment on whole body even on the area near your eyes;
Promote the collagen and elastin rebirth,clean skin deeply and make your face whiten;
Improve the skin penetrability, and make its absorbency to improve 5-10 times;
Dispel the lipid and smudgily in the deep skin, and fully improve the comedones and acne.


Activates cells, resurface wrinkles;
Improve scarring, whiten skin;
Treat acne, lighten pigmentation.


Max Vacuum : 0.7bar;

Max pressure : 3.6bar;

Treatment Size :     5-     25mm;

Dimensions : 300 x 400 x 700mm  ;

Weight : 16Kg

Electrical Req : 200-240V AC,3A, 50 / 60Hz