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Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

basic information




The equipment of laser with 1064nm wavelength:

It can get rid of eye line:eyebrow line, lip line, tattoo, speckle (black, blue, etc.);

The equipment of laser with 532nm wavelength:

It can get rid of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line, tattoo, speckle, titian nevus (red, brown, etc.);


Q-Switch Nd: YAG Laser

The advanced technology of Q-switched and KTP laser are adopted in the equipment which can release laser energy instantaneously to form huge impulse. It can break pigment tissue into pieces so we can achieve the purpose of pigment and tattoo removal while not injuring the skin and no scar.left

Small space, high energy and good result.



Laser Type : Q-Switched: NAG Laser;

Wavelength : 1064nm/532nm;

Output : 200mj , 400mj , 600mj;

Pulse Duration : <20ns;

Pulse Rate : 1-5Hz;

Dimensions : 430 X 330 X 250mm³

Weight : 12Kg;

Electrical Req : 110 / 220V AC,16A,50 / 60Hz ;